Parque de la prehistoria de Teverga

Cave of Caves

The Black Hall of Niaux

Panel no. 4 of the Black Hall of the Cave of Niaux

The base of the stone is not coloured and the range is restricted for the figures: black and some red for a few of the signs.

The predominating animal is the bison, represented in the upper part of the panel.  The bison standing out in the left central part is usually catalogued as a female, due to the shapes presented, such as the scarcely prominent hump. By contrast and in opposition to this is the male, found on the right-hand side and showing a more prominent hump.

The lower part of the wall represents several horses which, with painted hair, represent a member of the equine family with a great amount of hair, the Przewalski. The bestiary is finished off with two goats, one represented in a very natural manner and the other in a totally schematic manner.

The panel is dated as being 13,000 years old.

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