Parque de la prehistoria de Teverga

The bears’ nooks

Los rincones del oso en Parque Prehistoria Teverga

The location of the Prehistory Park of Teverga, within the distribution area of the Cantabrian brown bear and in the middle of the Las Ubiñas - La Mesa Natural Park, makes it possible to prepare an interesting interpretive route outside the equipment, with the goal of raising awareness about some of this region’s most representative ecosystems and a small sampling the species that make up its rich biodiversity.

Visitors have a chance, through 16 panels, to learn about the life housed in our rivers and riverine forests; some dwellers of oak, beech or birch forests; the limestone mountain, where an interesting variety of rupicolous birds nest, making use of the cracks and hollows of their vertical walls; or the extensive patches of bush that thrive in siliceous soils. They can also get closer to some specific plant species in order to learn more about their biology or discover the Asturian countryside’s most characteristic features.

This route is done in collaboration with the Asturian Bear Foundation (Fundación Oso de Asturias). 

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